Achieve More and Eliminate Stress

Achieve More and Eliminate Stress

It was 4 pm. I had three pages of tasks left to finish. I could feel the acid churning in my stomach. I grabbed a box of tums and sighed in despair. I felt like a hamster running on a wheel.

I had started with a dream to achieve something great with my company. I was working hard and getting lots done. But for some reason I wasn’t happy. Soon my productivity decreased. I was having health issues due to the stress and my relationships were going downhill.

That is when I realized I was so busy focusing on my goal that I had lost sight of the reasons why I was trying to reach it. This issue is common with business owners. That is why so many get divorced and develop serious health issues while building their business.

Worse still is when they reach their goal and still feel unfulfilled. Their drive ended up being an attempt to fill a void.

I’ve found the easiest way to be fulfilled, avoid burnout and increase my productivity is to be balanced in all areas of my life. For most of us there are six main areas that need attention in our lives.

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