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Millionaire Success Strategies Highlights

Being a marketing and event consultant myself I am very picky with who I work with or recommend my client’s to work with. Hersh is the real deal. I absolutely love working with him and his team. His attention to detail, superb management abilities and capacity to quickly take our vision and translate it into a final product is such a breath of fresh air.

Corinne Sanzone
Principal, P3 Enterprises


Hersh’s advice both personally and professionally has been invaluable to me over the years. I honestly don’t know how he juggles so many projects at once and still is able to execute them at the highest levels. I’m excited that he is finally revealing his secrets!

Rob Colasanti
President, Game Changers International
Former NAPMA President
Best Selling Author

"I now have some crucial tools to enable me to build a successful business"

I’ve been a client of Hersh’s for over a decade. He never ceases to amaze me. The transformations he has made personally, financially and business wise are astounding. 15 minutes on the phone with Hersh gives me more knowledge and insight than the hours and even days I’ve spent with other marketing experts.

Master Samuel Scott
Full Circle Martial Arts Academy


A must attend event for the super mom who needs to focus on being super. Juggling my full-time career, new business and family was taking a heavy toll on me. Hersh’s advice on delegation and focusing on what is important changed my life.

Sara Llanes
Co-Founder, Eric Llanes Photography

"This will help me get more organized and get my life in order…"

Hersh is one of the smartest and most talented people I know. He is one of the few who has the ability to systematize and develop a business from ground up – from product development and operations to sales and marketing he has it covered. He has helped my companies generate millions and his advice on time management has helped me personally with my work life balance.

Richard Gorman
CEO, DirectResponse.Net


"This is the foundation of success…"

Having to keep disciplined and to a schedule is not easy to do, especially in high stress situations. From my time of service and training members of our elite forces, I believe time management is one of the most valuable skill sets a person can have. Hersh has mastered and systematized this skill in a teachable way to help others quickly incorporate a higher standard of excellence into their lives.

Justin Singletary
1st Ranger Battalion
Sniper Team Leader


In less than three minutes Hersh helped me break a fast food addiction I was struggling with for years. I was going to eat fast food six times a week and getting extra since they were closed on Sunday. I haven’t been back in over 6 months and have lost 35 pounds! I am training to run a half marathon now. He is amazing! Thank you so much!

Kesha Brown
Lost 35 Pounds

"Hersh went overboard giving out information…"